Review — 2 years with Google Voice

Sprint customers can move their number to Google Voice. Should you?

Google Voice comes with a number of benefits, most of which were highlighted by Joshua Howland in 7 Reasons You Should Move Your Number To Google Voice.

After using Google Voice for two years, here’s what else I’ve noticed:

PRO — Voicemail transcription
Gmail transcribes your voicemails into text. Now you can read voicemails.

PRO — Customization
You can customize a lot about Google Voice. For example, you can set different answering machine messages for different groups of people. Have fun ones for friends, a normal one for family, and a professional one for the public.

Also, if you speak more than one language, you can set an answering machine for people that speak another language.

PRO — “Do not disturb” mode
Temporarily block incoming calls.

Whether somebody’s pestering you or you just need to get things done, “Do not disturb” mode is a nice function that isn’t built into the iPhone (as far as I know). You can still use your phone, but incoming calls are disabled.

CON — Sprint still counts your minutes
Interestingly enough, you still pay for your texts and calls, even if you make them with Google Voice. Normally, Google Voice texts and calls are free.

However, this could also mean that Google Voice would use Sprint’s network to call and text, which could make Google Voice work faster.

CONSENSUS: go for it

It’s a tough decision, but I say go for it*.

I can’t combine my Google Voice and Verizon numbers. I have a separate number for each instead of a single number for both.

Combining Sprint and Google Voice into one number seems to solve the two biggest problems I’ve noticed with Google voice:

1) People get confused when I use two different phone numbers

2) Google Voice isn’t as quick as the iPhone’s phone and messaging apps.

If you have more questions, you can check out the Google Voice on Spring FAQ page.

*If you’re on a network other than Sprint, you may want to wait until you have a smartphone to get Google Voice. It’s easier to manage the problem of having two phone numbers if you have a smartphone.

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