Roundup: Our Most Popular Blog Posts This Week

Over the past week our most popular blog posts have been Tweeted, posted on Facebook and LinkedIn along with being pinned on Pinterest. Get on the ZAGG bus and follow us to learn about the latest tech news, gadgets, apps, accessories and even our giveaways.  Here’s a rounded up list of the latest and greatest blog articles from the past week.

This To-Scale Model of Apple’s New Spaceship HQ Is Amazing In his last public appearance before his death, Steve Jobs proposed plans for Apple’s monstrous new headquarters in Cupertino to the City Council. In it, he described what we’ve all come to know as the Spaceship.

Here’s How A Small Business In Utah Helped Make The Giant Tablets On Fox News A Reality Earlier this week Fox News unveiled a cutting-edge newsroom. With multiple 55″ touchscreen computers, the newsroom looks like it’s filled with “giant iPads.” As the preferred brand in tablet accessories, we were obviously curious about the accessories Fox News was using with their new tablet computers.

Now You Can Play Classic Super Mario Bros Online Great news for Super Mario Bros fans!  You’ve got the opportunity to relive some memories and blow off some steam.  Just go to  It looks great!

The Next Version Of Android Will Let You Make Any Texting App The Phone’s Default When Google releases version 4.4 of its Android operating system — which following the Android naming convention of desserts will be called “KitKat” — one new feature will allow users to choose any app as the phone’s default text messaging app.

How to Enable (Or Disable) DMs from Your Twitter Followers For a few weeks now, Twitter has given you the option to opt-in to receive Direct Messages (DMs) from any of your followers, not just the ones you follow. For some reason, it just broke news today, with the blogosphere blowing up about it.

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