[Rumor] Samsung Will Release Galaxy S4 in February

According to The Korea Times, Samsung plans to debut the next iteration of the Galaxy S series with the Galaxy S4 (or will it be Galaxy S IV?) next February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. It’s interesting to note the timing of this “leak” by an unnamed Samsung executive – just three days after the iPhone 5 was announced. The rumor continues that the device should hit shelves no later than the end of March.

No specific hardware details about the device are available yet, but some speculation says we’ll Samsung continue with the “inspired by nature” theme and a 5-inch display. Will it be faster? Surely. Will it have LTE? Of course. More software enhancements? I’d like to think so.

Samsung’s current flagship device, the Galaxy S III, debuted in May – just four months ago – putting the two devices just nine months apart, if this rumor is true. Is Samsung rushing to get their next device out in hopes on curbing iPhone 5 sales? Was this rumor cleverly engineered to give Android users who may be considering switching to the iPhone 5 something to look forward to? Does a bear… well, you know.


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[Via The Korea Times]

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