Rumors of iPad 8 Revealed

With the iPad 2′s release 3 weeks ago today and rumors of an iPad 3 slated for a fall 2011 release, a tipster within the Cupertino company has leaked some information on the iPad 8, slated for a 2014 release. “Even thinner and more magical and revolutionary” was the hushed word from the anonymous source close to the company.

The screen will feature an amazing 2560 by 1440 pixel display packed into its still 10.1″ frame. This is the same resolution as Apple’s current 27 inch LED Cinema Display, so the source could be credible. The screen has been code-named the ‘cornea display’ and ‘retina pro’ on internal documents, but no word if this will be the name on the final marketing materials.

Along with the thinner form factor and ‘retina pro’ display, the iPad 8 will feature the company’s ‘LightningBolt’ port for charging and will be capable of transfering ridiculous amounts of terabytes if the flash memory industry can build the memory in time for its slated 2014 release. The ‘LightningBolt’ port comes out with nature’s irony in tow after the company’s ‘Thunder Bolt’ port was released earlier this year on the latest MacBook Pros.

The only other news given in the tip was that the new glass on the screen will be ‘extra shiny’ and the back of the device will be made of a rare material to be discovered by the company in 2012. “Forget iPads 3-7, this one is the one to hold out for” said the tipster.

Tech enthusiasts may just do this as the iPad 8 promises greater capabilities than Apple or any other companies involved in the tablet wars can currently produce. What do you think? Will you get the iPad 2 or hold out for the iPad 8? Sound off in the comments…

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  • Chris

    “A rare material will be discovered by the company in 2012.”

    I am now convinced that Apple will be the reason the world ends in 2012!

    • Marc R824

      @chris its an april fools joke

  • Hoyersforlife

    Wow… iPad 2 just got released and we are hearing rumors on an iPad 8 already.. I think that hey need to concentrate on the next generTrion not jump ahead… Kind of crazy if u ASK ME

  • Freevader1

    You guys are morons. It’s April 1st today.

  • Mjstarr

    April fools…”.back of the device will be made of a rare material to be discovered by the company in 2012″ you cannot announce in 2011 that you are going to “discover” something in 2012……lol

  • Josef Sakac

    Happy April fools day Zagg

  • ronaldaquino

    I already have one of these. Found it at a bar. Check out my ebay auctions for current bid pricing.

  • Monicada88

    This is too funny. Great April fools joke!!!

  • Jonathan

    You forgot to add “and it still won’t run Flash.”

  • Db

    Too Funny! Happy April Fool’s Day Zagg!

  • Ozzyopolis


  • Warjon642

    Ok guys I love the iPad, fact I have both models in our household a total of 3 but considering iPad2 was just released….makes this article seem rather “laughable” and stupid…sorry!

    • -=Pat Maweenie=-

      kind of like the idea of releasing the iPad 2 with no real improvements other than something that should have been there already, while still not being expandable via SD card slot?

  • Oninyx

    Nice one. April Fools.

  • Beagletale

    I plan to wait for the IPad 18, which will have cup holder.

  • Mistasmoke

    It turns out that this rumor is in fact TRUE! Oh YES! It even has a virtual hand hologram maker which masturbates you as you watch porn on your iPad8! AMAZING! We are indeed living in the FUTURE! LOL!

  • Chomposaur

    April fools … dipshit

  • Greg Collett

    Happy April Fools day!

  • Johnny


  • Larry K

    This is awesome, iPad 8 release in 2014 would mean 5 releases in 3 years for 3-7. Fanboy’s are gonna need a second job.

    Clearly the humor here is not lost on many, but still a great try at fooling a few.

  • Ldyvixenne

    I might go for Ipad 2 but won’t be holding my breath for the 8….happy April Fools Day :)
    this is a good one and I’m sure you got many many to fall for it

  • Abujaffer

    Normally an April Fools joke like this would be hilarious, if it weren’t for the fact that we all know it’s going to happen. We all know Apple is going to release a better iPad 3, a better iPad 4, a better iPad 4G, etc. 1 years ago I would have laughed and just left it at that, but now that laughter’s edged with a hint of anxiety for the future; how far will this last?

  • Paul58

    Well, considering I waited till the original iPad was discounted $100 before getting my first, I’m willing to wait for the release of iPad 9 and get this earth shattering technology at a discount as well!

  • Emoney585

    I’m waiting for the iPad that goes to work for me!!!!!!!……let’s go apple

  • Kellycarterster

    Is this for real?