Safety First: A bungee cord for your smartphone

Over in the UK sometimes they have some fun products. MyBunjee is a funny little guy.

Bunjee Protection

You have a wireless phone, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep it that way. You can hook a bunjee cord to it, and then your device will be protected from falling the distance from your head to the ground as it slips from your grip.

Clip it to your jeans, your bag, your belt – wherever! myBunjee®’s unique design keeps your phone close and safe

Lanyard and Beads

The coil isn’t the only style. The MyBunjee also comes in a lanyard and in a beaded style.

The length of the lanyard is 44cms allowing full usage whilst around your neck. The beaded lead extends to 62cms allowing full usage when clipped into your bag and comes in an attractive box.

It sounds like the beaded version is stretchy, even thought the lanyard version is not. The idea behind MyBunjee is to eventually get branded versions with a company logo or team colors.

It’s not officially in the US yet, but if you’re interested you can reach out to the company and see if you can’t get one shipped over the ‘big blue’.

Joshua Howland

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