Samsung Has Announced A Huge Phone Called Galaxy Mega – Here’s How Its Size Compares To Other Smartphones

If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was big, well, the new Galaxy Mega phones Samsung announced today make it a dwarf in comparison. There are two models – one with a 5.8-inch screen and one with a 6.3-inch screen. While bigger is usually better, and bigger smartphones are definitely the trend these days. Has Samsung taken it a little too far with the Galaxy Mega? It’s hard to say for sure without holding one in your hand, but these things are borderline tablet-size. Let me know what you think on Twitter and I’ll retweet some of your responses: @mbchp.

Images via Phone Arena.


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  • Raj

    are you making a zagg screen protector for the mega 6.3 ?

  • Jane Long

    I have the mega 6.3 and I need a screen protector!!!!

  • Holness Mothersill

    My hand when open measures 12″ across the note 2 Is a little too small might upgrade to the mega