The Galaxy S4 Reviews Are In: Here’s What You Need to Know

The phone many of you have been waiting for is almost here – the next big thing from Samsung: the Galaxy S4. Depending which carrier you use, it’ll be available as soon as next week. If the GS4 is on your wish list, you’ll appreciate hearing what others who’ve spent some time with the phone have to share. So, I’ve compiled some of the best reviews from around the web for you.

Clearly, the big comparison right now is between the Galaxy S4 and the new HTC One. You can’t read a single review without reading about how each stack up to the other. The two big differentiating factors between them are the camera and the overall design. Fortunately, these reviews all shed light on the good, the bad and the room left over for personal preference.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it.


DroidLife – [Full Review]

“In terms of hardware and specs, Samsung has done something pretty remarkable with the Galaxy S4. They managed to pack the latest and greatest mobile processor, display, camera sensor, and larger battery into a body that is actually slimmer, lighter, and smaller than its predecessor. [...] It’s a really, really good smartphone – probably in the top two or three at this point in the game.”


The Verge – [Full Review]

“The Galaxy S4 is a very good phone in most respects — it has a stellar camera and solid battery life, blistering performance and an impressively useful complement of software features. It’s a technological achievement — there’s no question about that. [...] The Galaxy S4 is fast and impressive, but it’s also noisy and complex.”


TechCrunch - [Full Review]

“At the end of the day, it’d be foolish to think that the Galaxy S4 isn’t a top-notch phone. Where specs, performance and software innovation are concerned, the company is clearly making strides. But in playing with this phone for a while, adjusting to the new features, trying to make the most of them, and sometimes failing miserably, I keep returning to the idea of “Keep it simple, stupid.” That rule seems to have been lost on Samsung.”


Android Central - [Full Review]

“If you’re looking for an Android phone that performs well across the board, ticks every feature box you could possibly imagine and is available on just about every carrier on the planet, the Galaxy S4 is an easy recommendation. But this time around it’s clear Samsung has merely stacked incremental updates — mostly features and internal hardware — upon its earlier flagship, rather than addressing that device’s issues and rethinking what a smartphone should be in 2013.”


So, what do you think? Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be your next phone? Or are you considering something else, like the HTC One? Let me know on Twitter (@mbchp) and I’ll share some of your responses.


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