Samsung Galaxy S5 Said To Have Fingerprint Reader Built Into Home Button


In a seemingly never-ending game of cat and mouse, Samsung is reportedly taking a page from Apple and HTC by including a fingerprint reader in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Rumors suggest the sensor will be integrated right into the physical ‘Home’ button on Samsung’s upcoming flagship (cue copycat jokes now).

The latest report on SamMobile describes how the fingerprint reader will work. Instead of placing your thumb on the button as you do with the iPhone 5s, you’ll need to make a swiping motion downwards over the home button. The idea is similar to tech we’ve seen going back to 2006 included in high-end laptops. We’ll know for sure at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off next week in Barcelona, Spain.

We’re curious what you think about fingerprint readers on smartphones. Is it a feature that actually provides value? Or is it a gimmicky piece of tech that just shows off what today’s smartphone makers can do? Let us know in the comments.

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