Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera launches in the UK this week. It will cost $637

Starting Thursday Samsung is launching an Android-powered camera in the UK: The Galaxy Camera.

I’ve consistently been surprised with every new product announcement that the market didn’t present an Android-powered iPod competitor. The iPod Touch is one of the best selling devices at Apple, and it seems that it all but completely overtook the iPod market.

This camera is a similar concept. Take the computer OS and put it on a standalone device. The iPod Touch was a media player, and the Galaxy Camera is simply that: a camera.

Having Android means the device is connected and capable:

The Samsung Galaxy Camera features a 21x optical zoom lens, the latest Android OS (4.1 Jelly Bean) and 3G connectivity so it’s possible to go online and share photos with friends and family anytime anywhere. Plus photographs and videos can be edited and shared easily and spontaneously wherever you are.

Living in a post-PC world means that we’d like our devices to be capable on their own. We don’t want or need a computer to act as a hub. We want the important features like sharing, editing, and online syncing, to be built into the camera.

I think the Galaxy Camera will do very well, and hopefully is a sign of future products that we’ll see crop up over time. It’s worth noting that Samsung stated that the camera will retail for £399, that’s about $637 USD.

Source: Samsung PR

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