[How To] Save Money On Printer Ink By Changing Your Font


Although times are changing and many of us don’t print as much as we used to, there’s an easy way to save yourself some cash by using less ink on the occasions when you DO have to have a physical printed copy of something. It was none other than a 14-year old student here in the States who discovered that if you change your font from Times New Roman or other popular typefaces when you print, the printer will actually use less ink.

You can read the full article on CNN if you want to know all the details, but it amounts to this: by using the font called Garamond when you print, you’ll use roughly 24% less ink than with other fonts. For the sixth grade student who figured this out, he calculated that his school district could save about $21,000 a year on printing costs.

That being said, if you only print the occasional couple pages, this trick might not matter much. However, if your job, your school, or one of your hobbies requires printed copies of things, give this a try and see how much further each tank of ink goes. If you’re curious, here’s what Garamond looks like.


[Source: CNN]


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