This App Will Secretly Save All Snapchats From Your Friends

If you have an Android phone and you use Snapchat, this post is for you. Also, if you send Snapchats, beware that your friends might be using this app to save the pictures and videos you send them.

Using a free app from the Google Play store called Snap Capture (download link), your phone will automatically save all incoming Snaps to a folder on your SD card.  Once you’ve installed it, there’s nothing more you need to do. Just make sure you wait for the notification that Snap Capture has saved the photo before you open it; this will only work for unread Snaps.

If your Android phone is rooted, you can download the Snap Capture Root version of the app ($1.99) for additional functionality (download link).

With either app, your friends won’t be notified that you’ve saved a copy of the photo like they are when you take a screenshot. This is completely discrete, which also means you should be careful what pictures and videos you Snap.


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