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Matthew Panzarino at The Next Web had an interesting post on “They’re a Google Ventures-backed company that’s doing some very cool things to fix QR Codes.”

Scan has already done some cool things you can do with QR codes. They create personal scan pages, like having a digital business card, and give you the ability to do other little actions like display text, check in on Foursquare, and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Now, the company is launching their new Scan Pages product for businesses. If a user is at a business, finds a QR code on a card or somewhere else, they can be taken to a landing pages with useful information optimized for their device. Much better than just going to the website.

The pages provided by, in contrast, offer a clean look, with business branding and distinct calls to action. Users can, for instance, shop immediately with the business, call them directly or get locations and hours. A restaurant could deliver their menu in one tap, even as their website remains flash-happy and hostile to mobiles.

One of the best features is direct links to social sites. The business can link to a Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, Yelp or Facebook page, among others.

It seems, Panzarino points out, that businesses are trying to have people scan codes at all costs. The misuse of the technology is going to make it hard for users to take it seriously in the future.

If QR code users are treated to products like Scan, the codes might stand a chance. Their tools are likely to help users start taking action with businesses landing pages.

You can check out the code builder at the site and you can grab the app from the app stores here.

Image Source: The Next Web

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