Schools Embrace New Technology in the Classroom

Out with the old, in with the new – technology that is. With the advent of technology, schools are looking to integrate e-readers and other resources into the classroom.

Chalkboards and overhead projectors are slowly being replaced by SMART Boards, which allow teachers to integrate the functionality of a whiteboard with those of tablet computer. Schools in Nettleton, MS and Sun Prairie, WI have gone through renovations over the summer to install these SMART Boards for students to enjoy this fall.

Some schools are pushing for the use of tablets and e-readers in the classroom. The Rock Hill school district in Rock Hill, SC spent $1.24 million to buy 2,400 iPads. The district hopes to engage students in more meaningful and productive lessons through the tablets as well as eliminate the need for physical textbooks. Many schools have started to recommend parents to buy tablets in hope to integrate the technology in the classroom. St. Francis Borgia Regional High School, a private school in Washington, MO, has actually made it mandatory for students to buy their own iPads.

Many school libraries are giving students the opportunity to borrow e-readers. Buchanan High School in Clovis, CA worked for more than 6 months to acquire 25 Nook e-readers to help develop a love of reading in their students. The school hopes to see positive feedback from the opportunity so they can push for e-reader integration in classrooms.

The move in tech is also spreading into colleges and universities. The University of California, Riverside launched their Borrow-a-Nook program this past July. The school acquired 10 Nooks and preloaded the e-readers with more than a dozen titles for students to enjoy. School’s better get iPad cases to help kid proof these expensive devices.

What do you think of this push in technology? Is the idea of having a tablet or e-reader in every child’s hands a lofty dream or a practical goal?

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