‘Secret’: This App Let’s You Social Network Anonymously


We’ve all had something to say at one time or another that just didn’t seem appropriate to say out loud or to post publicly on our social media profiles. Yet, the emotional side can get the best of us and we end up looking like fools later. Other times, we just wish for a way to share a private thought – a hope, a wish, a dream – but don’t for fear of judgement.

‘Secret’ is a new iOS app that aims to solve that problem by building a social network completely around it. When you sign up for the service, you don’t select a username. You don’t find your friends. You don’t choose who to follow or have any say over who follows you.

Instead, the service uses your phone number and email address to build your network behind the scenes, intelligently showing you posts from your friends and people you’re connected to. You’ll read what they have to say, but won’t know who’s saying it.

The app looks a lot like Instagram. It’s a vertical-scrolling feed with ‘Heart’ and ‘Comment’ functionality. As more friends share secrets, you’ll see more appear in your feed. When you ‘Heart’ a post, it spreads to your friends’ feeds. If they ‘heart’ the same post, it spreads to theirs. Popular / Featured posts could be from anyone, anywhere, which adds another layer of anonymity to the whole thing.

It’s a great concept – one that I’m excited to use. It facilitates the types of conversations you can’t have anywhere else, because unlike the social network titans Facebook and Twitter, your actual identity is the last thing that matters.

You can download ‘Secret’ for free from the iOS app store, here: Secret – Speak Freely for iOS.


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