The ‘Selfie Stick’ Makes Snapping The Perfect Selfie Super Easy

selfie-stickTeenage girls, rejoice. The ‘Selfie Stick’ is real, and it’s only $29 bucks on Amazon. With this splendid stick, you can make sure to get yourself (and even your BFFs) in the picture the first time, every time. No more snapping, checking, deleting, reposing, snapping, checking, deleting… That fake smile makes your cheeks hurt after a few tries, doesn’t it?

With the Selfie Stick, you’re guaranteed to impress all your friends on Facebook and your followers on Instagram because you’ll have something they don’t have, and it’ll make you look good. Real good. After some calculating, I’ve determined that selfies taken with the ‘Selfie Stick’ should, on average, get 84.33% more double taps on Instagram and 79.6% more favs on Twitter. With those kind of results, how can you resist? Instructions do come with it, but they don’t include any tips on making a better duck face. You’ll have to figure that one out on your own, oh picture perfect princess.

The Selfie Stick works with most digital cameras and most smartphones, so you’re in luck, even if your dad got you a lousy iPhone 5C instead of iPhone 5S for Christmas.

Better get yours first before your soon to be ex-BFF beats you to it. Go. Go now.

[Source: Amazon]


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    Oh yeah! I hope you’re feeling much better about yourself, so you insulted some teenage girls. What a douche!