[How To] Setup Android Device Manager To Track Your Lost Phone

Android Device Manager Web Interface

Earlier this week, I told you about Google’s latest free service for Android called Android Device Manager. It’s practically the same service as Apple’s “Find My iPhone”, letting you remotely locate, alert and wipe your Android tablet or smartphone when it’s lost or stolen. To take advantage of the service, you’ll need to wait for Google to ‘push’ the phone component to your device. It comes via a Google Play Service update in the background, unlike an OTA system update.

To find out if the service has been pushed to your device, go to

Settings > Security > Device Administrators.

If you’ve received the push update, you’ll see something like this:

Android Device Manager - Device Administrators

If not, just wait. Reports have been coming in from around the world that users are receiving it, so yours shouldn’t be far behind.

Once Android Device Manager is available on your phone or tablet, click the checkbox to enable it and approve the permissions it requests by tapping ‘Activate’. That’s it.

Android Device Manager - Permissions

From your desktop, you should be able to remotely locate your device using this URL:


[Note: I had to restart my phone after approving permissions before Android Device Manager would locate it on the web.]

Android Device Manager displays all the devices you’ve registered with your Google account, so you can easily switch between them. Additionally, you can rename each device so you aren’t playing the guessing game trying to figure out which model number belongs to each of them.

Android Device Manager - Select Your Device


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  • Tim Eckel

    Fail. Doesn’t work. Phone never shows up in the Android Device Manager.

  • Vidhya

    How to Show up my phone in Android Device Manager website