Should we get our newborns Twitter or Facebook accounts? (by @jkhowland)

My daughter has a Twitter account I recently created. She’s only 8 months old, so it’s debateable whether the account is for her or for me.

At 8 months old, she won’t need an account for a very long time. Everyone I talk to says that Facebook and Twitter won’t even be around when she’s old enough to use them. Let me lay out my thoughts:

Posting for infants

There is an age range where posting for the children can be comedic, or simply cute. Then again, maybe it’s just a geek thing.

Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper just celebrated the birth of his firstborn, Adam Arment. How do I know his hame? Because Adam posted a picture of himself at 21 minutes old.

Darrel Rovell announced his daughter had a Twitter account of her own, and she was quick to make friends:

Over at Mom365, Susie Ochs posts for her little boy on Twitter:

She explained why she posts to Twitter for her baby boy.

He’s on Twitter for me. I tweet his little milestones, the things I want to remember but might get lost in my notoriously hazy memory. Every tweet is time-stamped, and it’s easy to include a picture, or even a video. It keeps the few special people who follow my son’s account informed as to what he’s up to. It’s sort of like a little electronic baby book without the fuss or time commitment of creating and updating a blog.

It’s not to save the username

I never had the thought was to save a username for her. I did create an email account with her name – which was only worthwhile if I could get her actual name.

I don’t know what her preferred nickname will be once she’s old enough to use The Twitter – I’m not going to try to guess. Don’t waste your time trying to snag the perfect handle for them.

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