Simple snap-on gadget has potential to make hearing your iPad easier

Most people that own an iPad or iPad 2 would probably change very little about it, or perhaps nothing at all. However, most would probably agree that when attempting to watch a video while laying in bed or somewhere similar that the sound can get rather muffled considering the speakers are located on the back of the tablet.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution with a little gadget called the Soundsnap Snap-On Passive Speaker. Nothing high tech, just a piece of coated plastic shaped to fit the bottom of the iPad that easily channels the sound toward the front, making it much easier to hear whatever you’re listening to. The beauty of it is you don’t have to haul around a set of speakers either. Since there are no electronic parts, the sound does not get distorted in any way. You can enjoy the natural sound, only amplified. The Soundsnap even works with a Smart Cover on.

The design is currently in the conceptual stage and the makers are working hard to quickly get some prototypes ready for testing. It should be interesting to see if such a simple little gadget can make a big difference.

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