Sing To The Baby In Your Belly With Lullabelly

The Lullabelly is perfect for parents who want the best for their baby. A lot of parents believe that music is good for the baby to hear before birth. Some scientists claim it even stimulates the baby’s brain, making it smarter before birth. I can’t imagine the baby hearing anything but a muffled bass rhythm coming from outside but, if you believe this works, you will definitely want to check out the Lullabelly.

Like I said, for the baby it must be like hearing your next door neighbor’s music through thin walls. But, how can we really know? Scientists tell us that the Lullabelly music can determine the type of music a baby likes even before it comes out of the womb. Studies also show that calming music will calm the baby from kicking or becoming uncomfortable. This is so interesting, I want to see if it really works that way!

The Lullabelly is also hands free, making it a very hot item for music loving babies! If you are in love with music and babies who have yet to be born, you can put them both together and what do we have? Lullabelly!

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