Siri in iOS 6 An Upgraded Concierge With More Restaurant Information

Siri is getting an upgrade. With iOS 6 the headline feature of the iPhone 4S will be made even better. And in fact, it will be coming to the iPad.

For those of you that missed the keynote, one of the new features of Siri is restaurants. You could always ask Siri to look for places nearby (in the US) but now Siri acts more like a concierge.

Prices, Ratings, and Reviews

Apple has made friends with Yelp. So now when you search for a restaurant:

Siri will show you a restaurant’s photos, Yelp stars, price range, and reviews.

With some feature upgrades they seem like they should have been there from the beginning. You quickly take them for granted. I downgraded my phone from iOS 6 back to iOS 5 for testing reasons and the lack of information when you search for restaurants is jarring.


Apple has also made friends with OpenTable.

When you find a place you like, ask Siri to make a reservation through the OpenTable app.

Siri really is becoming an excellent concierge. Siri is going to crush quite a few web searches. No more looking for restaurants directly on the web, it’s so much better through Siri on the iPad and iPhone.

Joshua Howland

Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts are comparing companies and products. He’s pretty good at predicting what Apple has up its sleeves too. He loves sports and business and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland).

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