Siri Isn’t Perfect

Two month’s ago Apple’s iPhone 4S was released, and Siri became the next big thing. With her new technology, Siri has distinguished the iPhone 4S from all other smartphones on the market. She can send your text messages for you, schedule your appointments, remind you to take the trash out when you get home, and give you driving directions. She can even have a conversation with you. She can do just about anything.

Lately though, there have been multiple complaints about Siri’s flaws. As a personal Siri user, I find it extremely frustrating when she has trouble understanding the correct words I say and when she automatically defaults to “would you like me to do a web search for…” instead of answering my question. Many users have claimed to experience trouble with locating multiple different businesses using Siri, even though they exist and can be found via Google.

On top of all this, the iPhone 4S’ biggest security flaw is linked directly to Siri. Anyone can pick up a phone that is locked with a passcode, press the home button down to launch Siri and virtually have full control of the device. Thankfully there is a simple solution to this glitch. Users simply go to their settings for their phone’s passcode lock and set the Siri option to “off.” This confirms that the app can’t be accessed when the phone is locked.

Although Siri isn’t perfect and can definitely get on my last nerves, I have to  remind myself that she is still in the beta stage, and Apple will come to the rescue with updates and glitch fixes soon.  Siri is simply just an extra tech feature on the iPhone 4S. I cannot depend on her to do everything. If it is truly imperative that I find the nearest burger joint, I can definitely resort to other resources to get the job done…at least for now!

Siri in action

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