Will Skype Really Improve Microsoft?

Now that Microsoft has officially bought Skype, what do they intend to do with it?  That is a question many people have been asking since the news broke on Tuesday.  Well, there are five possible uses being mention based on recent comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Let’s examine them. 1. Skype can be used with Xbox

The new Xbox Kinect systems come with cameras.  That means that the almost 10 million Microsoft customers who have purchased the Kinect systems already have access to cameras.  Since the Xbox systems are already equipped with a chat function, it would only make sense to couple that with Skype.

2. Make Improvements to the Windows Phone

Being trumped by the iPhone and Google’s Android system, the Windows Phone is struggling at the moment.  It can’t keep up with the iPhone’s Face Time app or Google Talk’s  new video.   Skype provides the perfect avenue for the Windows Phone to keep up.

3. Help your office meetings.

Rumors were swirling that the main reason for Microsoft’s high interest level was to prevent companies such as Google and Cisco Systems wouldn’t be able to get it.  Microsoft is progressing in workplace communications with it’s Linc system.  Adding Skype to the Linc system would progress it one step further.

4. Use with Facebook

Facebook was said to be interested in acquiring Skype, possibly with the purpose of pairing it with Facebook chat.  Ballmer suggested “social” could be part of Skype under Microsoft.  Since Microsoft bought part of Facebook in 2007, the two companies have worked on projects together.  Might this be the next collaborative project.

5. Save Hotmail

Hotmail is still popular around the world.  However, it doesn’t offer anything overly exciting.  Microsoft could use Skype to introduce a video chat to Hotmail that might spark some renewed interest.

No one knows for sure what Microsoft will use Skype for.  These are some intriguing possibilities.  What do you think?  Was this a good purchase?  Will Skype really improve Microsoft?

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