Sledge Hammer, Razor Knife, and Drop: Some Best Buy employees did their own invisibleSHIELD EXTREME test

Last month we launched invisibleSHIELD EXTREME. Featuring shock resistance and break protection, it’s the toughest invisibleSHIELD ever. In less than a month, the YouTube video displaying its amazing strength has nearly 1 million views. Like all invisibleSHIELDs, invisibleSHIELD EXTREME is made of a military-grade, self-healing material and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Of course, there are skeptics out there. Those who need to see to believe. A few Best Buy employees decided to take the matter into their own hands. They installed an invisibleSHIELD EXTREME on a Samsung Galaxy S III and put it to the test. They stared out by drilling on the screen protector with a Philips-head screwdriver. They then pounded the protected device with a household hammer. Then they used a sledge hammer. They finished off the test with a razor knife and a drop test. The invisibleSHIELD EXTREME held up and the device worked perfectly after the test. Watch the entire process below:

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