SmartCharge Light Bulb Works Even When Your Power Is Out


I’ve been wondering when someone would invent one of these: a light bulb that has a built-in battery to keep it lit when the power goes out. Here in the Midwest, we get a lot of severe weather, so power outages aren’t uncommon. But, who wants a complicated system that requires base stations and extra battery packs and new wiring? Or even more complicated than that, a big clunky power generator?

The SmartCharge LED light bulb is the product to serve this need. It’s on Kickstarter right now, with 34 days left to go to reach its funding goal of $50,000. As of this writing, it’s just over halfway there. It has a built-in battery and circuitry that can tell when you’ve lost power, but not actually turned the light switch off. This lets it operate as normal with the light switches you already use, but when it detects that power from the power grid has been lost, it knows to engage battery power instead.

SmartCharge is rated at 40,000 hours of use per bulb, which gives it an estimated 25 year life cycle. You can purchase one for $35, two for $55, or four for $100.

You can get more information and contribute to the campaign on Kickstarter, here: SmartCharge: Never Be in the Dark Again.



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  • Ray wolf

    O yes! its a great gadget through this we can save our electricity as well use like charging light which make our environment brighter forever.