SmartMove, The Shoe Insole That Gets You Moving

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We’ve seen a lot of health and exercise trackers coming out recently.  The  more technological advancements we see in our phones and devices, the easier it is for these fitness trackers work.

SmartMove will soon be launching it’s Kickstarter campaign.  It’s a product that “helps people live longer, healthier, more active lives”  through an insole in your shoe that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth.  By using an insole in your shoe instead of a band on your arm or leg, the app is able to recognize what kind of activity you are performing.

The company was founded at Colorado State University.  They have received grants from National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.  The product is especially targeting people who spend much of their day sitting down at a desk.  Through messages from the app on your phone, your coach to keep you motivated, active, and working towards your goals.

The insole can be used in any type of shoe and has a long lasting battery that can be inexpensively replaced every couple of months.

I find this interesting because of the constant interaction you can have with your coach.  It’s easy to forget to be active during the workday, when a quick walk around the floor or building to stretch your legs is often just what you need.  You can set goals of how active you’d like to be, receive real time results and changes over time, as well as motivation.

SmartMove App

Learn more from and their Kickstarter video.

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