Smartphone Dock Does it All

The Moshi Moshio4i is dock that utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 technology that allows computers and mobile phones to be simultaneously paired through one device. The Moshi04i is a multi-functional object that works as a cellphone dock, a Bluetooth speaker, and a Bluetooth handset that allows your cellphone to act as a landline.

The creator of the Moshi, Native Union, has made the device compatible with any Bluetooth-equipped mobile device. And it allows VOIP and mobile cellphone calls to be made through the same handset.

Other features include and auto pickup/hangup and auto connect/disconnect button and a handset that can be used in conference call mode within 30 feet of the device. One of the most unique features of the MMo4i that it “dramatically reduces exposure to the potentially harmful radiation emitted by mobile devices by 96%.” The MMo4i allows you to use your iPhone without having to harm yourself with radiation emissions – which have been linked to many health issues, including cancer.

The receiver is silver and is designed with a honeycomb motif. Once the handset is charged, you can use the portable pair of speakers for playing any audio soundtrack by using your mobile device. If you get a call on your iPhone while you are listening to music on the speakers, it will fade down the music while you answer the phone. You can answer it straight from its cradle – without having to press any buttons!

While this all sounds great, it’s priced at a whopping $200. But for some, the decrease in radiation exposure may be enough for them to cough up the money. What do you think? Interested?


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