Is This The iPad 5? [VIDEO]

In the video below, Lew from Unbox Therapy gives us our first look at the size and design of the upcoming 5th generation iPad. We expect Apple will release it next month, so it’s not surprising to see parts start showing up. Lew shows both the front cover glass and the back aluminum case in the video, and the side by side comparisons with a current iPad really show the changes we can expect to see.

If the parts shown in the video are in fact accurate, the new iPad 5 will be thinner and narrower by a substantial amount, while still using a 9.7-inch display. Lew says it’s lighter too, but that’s purely speculative since he doesn’t have any internal components for the new model; just a hollow shell. It’s no surprise to me that we’ll see this design for the new iPad. It follows the same design language introduced with the iPad mini last year. The edges are squared and flat instead of tapered and curved. The bezels around the display are smaller on the sides, which Apple will undoubtedly tout as making it easier to hold. The speakers have been moved to the bottom so sound reflects back at  you instead of located on the back, where sound is pushed away from you (no word yet if they’ll actually be stereo speakers instead of just mono).

So, watch the video and let me know what you think on Twitter: @mbchp.


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  • lucasarts

    what a stupid video … like comparing 2 stones to each other …

    • johnboyandbillybob

      Yeah but 2 stones that are not the same size. Hahaha

  • Bird

    Who cares about it? It is always to same just the minor changes.

  • EM

    I bet that android fans will start their mantra again : “no changes….no changes…” It’s laughable for those who saw “changes” in several generations of galaxy.

    • Heywood

      But I have never wanted to smash my iphone or my ipad with a hammer. I hated all 3 of the galaxy devices I owned

  • Cubx

    Can they really still call things like this a “leak”? Not matter who the manufacture is these so called leaks seem like a ploy to get consumers hyped about a product.

    • byte_me


  • wickedsmartie

    I visited his site. I especially enjoyed his “open letter” upbraiding Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for his “we’d appreciate it if you’d not carry guns into our stores” open letter. I’ll get my tech news from someone who isn’t typically packing heat with a concealed carry permit. (And whose videos are more interesting.) (And who doesn’t post photos of their car.)

  • Phil

    I STILL have a 1st generation iPad. Every time I was about ready to buy a new one, the rumors started flying about changes. Now when I finally buy this one, hopefully I won’t have to see any major changes.