Snapchat Screenshot Notification May Be Disabled In iOS 7

Initially overlooked by many reviewers of the latest beta of iOS 7, Apple has reportedly removed the ability for users of Snapchat, Facebook Poke, and other ‘self-destruct’ photo services to notify photo senders when someone has taken a screenshot of their sent image.

Let’s say that you have sent a funny photo that you only want your friend to see. If she takes a screenshot of the photo (that spells sharing trouble) you will be notified so you can presumably do whatever it takes to get her to remove it from her camera roll. With iOS 7, you may never know when a screenshot is taken, thus that image of you in the pink boa and eyeliner, may not be for Mildred’s Eyes Only.

This is a unique move on Apple’s part that makes you wonder about the reasoning behind it. Is the idea to make Snapchatting even riskier so that people don’t dare use it as much, thus less reputations ruined or is it simply a change in protocol? Time will hopefully tell what Apple’s reasoning behind the change is, but in the meantime, developers of these apps are undoubtedly scrambling for a way to make their users feel more secure. Source: Mac Rumors

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