So… Will Google Acquire Pinterest?

Pinterest is amazing. It really has just exploded. But don’t think of it as an over-night success. Pinterest began development in December of 2009. The didn’t have a prototype until March of 2010. Today, they are one of the most talked about social networking sites.

Instagram was bought up in only three days. If anyone wants to take hold of Pinterest, it might happen faster than most CEOs move these days.

“Problem Solver”

Google faces a lot of problems. Gizmodo interviewed M&A chief over at Google who said that discovery of video is one of the hardest problems they face.

When we asked if Pinterest was a good tool for discovery, he said “there’s a gazillion things, and Pinterest is a phenomenon that’s extraordinary.” Pinterest is a way to discover things efficiently. You can find videos you would like to watch or jewelry you would like to buy more easily on the site.

In truth, my wife, and many others like her, are finding things they never knew they were looking for.

Driving Traffic

What it’s really about though is driving traffic. Pinterest has become massively successful at driving traffic to sites like Amazon. Each pinned link is endorsed, structured, and manually curated – which makes it more likely to be trusted and clicked.

Users are seeing what they want, and they’re responding. That’s the kind of service Google doesn’t want to lose to.

Joshua Howland

You’ll find quickly that Joshua Howland is a big fan of tech, but a fan of Apple in general. He’s a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and tech enthusiast. His favorite posts are comparing companies and products. He’s pretty good at predicting what Apple has up its sleeves too. He loves sports and business and talks about them (along with tech) on Twitter (@jkhowland). Come yell at him there if you don’t like his stance on Android.

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