Someone Turned An Old Mac Pro Into A BBQ Grill

Reddit user 100uf posted photos of a recent DIY project: the iGrill. See for yourself below:

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  • Jari Vaisanen


  • Cook

    That’s awesome! Suggestion, I wouldn’t set that up on a wooden table.

  • Gawmonster

    Best use for a Mac I’ve seen yet

  • No1treesmkr

    Very creative

  • rydewnd2

    That’s not a Mac Pro!

    • dana

      Umm.. it is a mac pro.. well, was. Now it’s a grill.

      • rydewnd2

        Nope.. It was a PowerMac G5 Mac Pro’s always had 2 optical drive bays.

    • pkinsatx

      You can also tell that it is a G5 by the FireWire 400 port below the USB port on the front.

  • freddy

    woww.. you just have apple an idea for their next big

  • jtciti

    luckily this is not a NEXT cube case which was made of pyrotechnically spectacular magnesium.

    • Guy_N_Cognito

      Now that’s a YouTube video I can’t wait to see…

  • Jar

    this is wonderful

  • jonathan


  • exultnu

    Genius! My old MacPro 1,1 is still kickin’ and, with RAM, video card and drive upgrades, gettin’ this graphic designer’s job done quite well after 7+ years. Now when it kicks the bucket, I can honor “Her Beastness” with a reincarnation.

    • ForTwintPhenom

      Herp derp lame Mac is lame, just like your comments trying to show how you justify spending 4 times what you should’ve on a machine which handles user stupidity through obfuscation.

      • exultnu

        I have used Windows computers as well. I have nothing to prove. I prefer the Mac for the tasks I have to undertake as a designer. Historically, the Mac handled fonts and vector graphics far better than Windows. I’m comfortable with the operating system, and know the shortcuts to make my work more productive. I also have developed more than adequate technical proficiency with the hardware and software to manage everything myself and solve any issue that has arisen. I’ve always liked the professional Mac towers because of their reliability and extendability. So … my choice is an informed and practical one. I feel quite comfortable spending more for a Mac. It works for me and I’m fine for you to buy what you prefer. My husband has gone through almost 2-3 Windows computers in the time I’ve owned the MacPro, so I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth. Being insulting and immature in expressing your views is totally unnecessary … and lame. Have a happy life … if that’s possible given your obvious bent toward angst!

  • Julian

    thats a g5

  • Ben

    I saw this a couple of years ago, Zagg is a little behind aren’t they?

    • Tania Jones

      Because you saw it Ben doesn’t mean everyone has ;-)

  • William Cavazza

    If you squeeze it do you get hot APPLE cider?

  • JOFC11

    Good way to recycle

  • Rich

    There you go APPLE for building such huge ass computers!

  • rolando_8506

    Good use on this recyclable. At least Apple is smart enough to make metal casing. Also good for survival while camping

  • Jack

    The heat will cause the aluminium to disintegrate and adhere to the food. Luckily, aluminium poisoning is not life threatening.

    • Dennis

      linked to Alzheimer’s disease

  • joanne newbould

    love this

  • adsasdfasdfasdf

    where is the bbq feature, cause the only thing it looks like that thing can do is grill