Sony NGP, Mobile Gaming Beast

The PSP2 finally has a name and a face!  That name is the NGP and its face is beautiful!  Sony recently announced the upcoming features of the new NGP mobile gaming device, and there are quite a few of them.  Let’s go over the tech specs really quick:

-Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor

-5-inch touchscreen OLED display with 960X544 Resolution

-Dual analog sticks




-Rear touchpad

-Cameras on back and front

That’s a whole lotta stuff in such a small package.  One of the most noteworthy new features is the increased screen resolution, effectively quadrupling the resolution of the original PSP.  Games are going to look a whole lot better on this new beast.

Another interesting feature is the touchpad on the back of the device.  Apparently this is going to come in to play more when playing certain games.  At the release conference, the touchpad was shown being used to help you climb vines in a game demo of Uncharted.  A pretty nifty new feature.

The NGP certainly looks like it will be making some waves in the mobile gaming department soon.  If you’re a hardcore gamer-on-the-go you are probably going to want to seriously look in to getting one of these bad boys.  Plus, they’re backwards compatible with past games, meaning you will be able to play all of your favorites on a shiny new device.  So go, get your game face on.

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