Sony releases new tablets featuring Android 3.0

Apple. Motorola. HP. Samsung. Sony? Yep. That’s right, yesterday Sony unveiled their current offerings to the tablet market: two slate devices with radical form factors that are not only different from their competitors, but different from each other.

First up is the creatively named S1. The tablet itself is a smooth wedge shape, reminiscent of a magazine with its pages curved at the spine to give a bit more to hold on to. The tablet features a 9.4″ screen with front and rear cameras as well as a Tegra 2 processor. The S1′s Android skin features large, easy to tap icons as its main interface.

The S2, Sony’s other offering is a bit more radical in the form factor department. The device features a clamshell design with two 5.5-inch, 1024 x 480-resolution screens in each half. The design is similar to the dual screen Kyocera Echo smartphone mentioned a few weeks ago, but the S2′s screens fold on to each other like a laptop leaving a shiny metal squished tube.

Both tablets are ‘PlayStation Certified,’ meaning they will be able to play various PlayStation games, similar to the already announced  Xperia Play from Sony Ericsson.

The tablet market right now really feels like the wild west of the tech world as each company seems to try to come out with a new radical offering to see what ‘wows’ consumers. I’m personally enjoying the look and idea of the S1, but can’t say if the S2 is up my alley. That being said though, I’m not looking for a gaming tablet which the S2 really seems to trying to be, almost looking like a Nintendo DS-XXXXL.

The jury will be out on these tablets for a while as they are not slated for release until the fall, but in the meantime we’ll see what interesting form factors Sony and others throw to the public to see what sticks.

What do you think of the S1 and S2? What tablet form factors or tablets in general do you think are the best out there right now? Sound off in the comments…

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