Space Exploration Organization Wants To Send A Man And A Woman To Mars In January 2018

Ever dream of going to Mars? Now’s your chance! And you don’t even have to count on another astronaut getting injured to get in!

The Inspiration Mars Foundation just announced its plan to select two volunteers to be the first people to fly by Mars.

The stars are aligning

The mission is launching January 2018. Here’s why:

In 2018, the planets will literally align, offering a unique orbit opportunity to travel to Mars and back to Earth in only 501 days. Inspiration Mars is committed to sending a two-person American crew – a man and a woman – on an historic journey to fly within 100 miles around the Red Planet and return to Earth safely.

The mission’s target launch date is Jan. 5, 2018. This exceptionally quick, free-return orbit opportunity occurs twice every 15 years. After 2018, the next opportunity won’t occur again until 2031.

The mission will be funded primarily by philanthropic donations. Much of that which will be from millionaire Dennis Tito, also known as the first “space tourist.”


Naturally, flying by a planet 218.5 million miles away from earth is no easy task.

“It’s a really long road trip, you’re jammed into an RV that goes the equivalent of 32,000 times around the Earth…and they’ll have about 3,000 pounds of dehydrated food that they’ll get to rehydrate with the same water they drank two days ago.” — via Fox News

With regards to safety, Inspiration Mars states “We will only fly this mission if we are convinced that it is safe to do.”

[Inspiration Mars via National Geographic]

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