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I recently went on a date with a very attractive girl (I know, big shocker) which actually went very well.  Throughout the course of the date, the usual questions were asked, like “how many siblings do you have,” etc.  When she asked me what I do for fun, I told her that I do a lot of volunteer work and I’m involved with a lot of charities (which of course I’m not).  She was impressed for a second until I told her I was just joking, and thankfully she took it in good humor.

That experience got me thinking though.  How can I get involved in more volunteer work?  Like most people, I have a pretty full, busy life.  Isn’t there an easy way for me to do little bits of volunteer work when I have time?  Turns out, the answer is yes. is a website for people with very busy lives to volunteer in their own time.  First the website will ask you which topics get you most fired up, like Environment, Animals, Education, etc.  Then the website asks you what skill sets you have, like are you a Designer?  Blogger?  Tweeter?  Fundraiser?  Once you select your skills, the website will find a number of projects that you can volunteer to work on.  I personally was matched up with over 100 projects, ranging from judging a new website’s logo to designing t-shirts for websites.

Once you choose a project you want to work on, you will be given the information you need to work with that company and you can then move forward and help them out! is a great way to help out with the issues you care about most and in your own spare time.

Check it out here.  What do you think?  Ready to make a difference?

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