Speculation begins that Samsung will announce Galaxy S IV at CES in January

A video released by Samsung this week has ignited speculation that the tech firm will announce plans for its “next big thing,” the Samsung Galaxy S IV, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month.

The video, named “Get Ready (Teaser)”, features a lot of words flashing across the screen. 2013. The World Awaits. Innovation, Ideas, Technology, Wonder. Something New. Get Ready. January 8-11. It doesn’t actually say anything about a phone or hint at any Galaxy-related terminology, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating that Samsung will announce its newest contribution to the Android lineup.

“Our best guess is that Samsung is teasing its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S IV,” Steve Kovach of Business Insider wrote Monday. “The current Galaxy S III launched in May of this year, but there’s been a lot of talk lately of smartphone manufacturers — including Apple — accelerating their device release schedules to every six months or so.”

Of course, no rumor of a mobile phone launch is complete without speculation as to what the phone will contain tech-wise. Russell Holly of Geek.com speculated Monday that the Galaxy S IV would come with a 13 MP camera, LTE support on virtually all international cellular networks, and a fingerprint-proof, “indestructible” glass display.

Of course, if you want to be among the first to find out what the announcement actually is, you can book your trip to Las Vegas for CES in early January (or ask Santa to slip a few passes in your stocking later this month).

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