Spotify: A second Revolution may be needed soon

Okay. We won the Revolutionary War, we got the Beatles (even on iTunes) and now if we could just pry the stellar free streaming music service, Spotify, from the British’s hands, we’d be able to continue to assert our independence over our friends across the Atlantic.

To be honest, it most likely doesn’t have anything to do with the Mother country, but with the US record labels. Let’s back up though.

Spotify is, as mentioned, a free streaming music service headquarter’ed the United Kingdom that is currently operating in Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and of course, the UK. Its arsenal includes custom playlists, mainstream music, purchasing abilities, additional song info and virtual login with a browser and internet connection. Best of all, it is free. That’s right, choose what you want to hear, all for free. Can you sense the excitement in these typing fingers? I’ve been a streaming music fan for a while and this seems like a step in the right direction for my withering wallet.

The “premium” option of the service has even better abilities such as offline listening, higher bitrate options, around the house streaming and “mobile music” with apps for Android and iOS. These are services it may be worth the extra dough each month as this seems to promise to be a pretty promising music solution.

How close are we to getting it in the good ol’ U S of A though? According to rumors, closer than we were a few weeks ago. Sony has reportedly signed a deal with the company with at least one other major label in talks with them as well.

Record companies are rumored to obviously be a bit apprehensive as they consider the possible threats the company could do to their business. However there is potential for growth as online music purchases could go up from the service so we may see some partnerships in the coming weeks and months. Something that makes at least this one end user very happy about.

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