Spotify Comes To A Web Browser Near You

Spotify, the popular streaming music service is now available in a web browser near you. Previously, in order to access Spotify’s vast collection of music, you needed to download the company’s app and run it locally on your computer. Not anymore. Almost two years from when Spotify first came to the US, the company has enabled web based listening.

This addition comes as a joy to many who have not been able to use Spotify on restricted computers such as a work desktop or on the go at the library or a friend’s house.

To enable this new portal, simply point your browser to and sign in. The service supports the major browser lineup including Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Spotify is a free service that allows you to listen to virtually any artist or album for free if you put up with the ads. A paid model that takes away the ads is available as well. The company boasts 24 million active users that will more than likely increase now that people can get their music through the browser as well. Watch out Pandora. Source:

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