Huge News: As Of Today, Spotify Is Now Free On Mobile Devices


My absolute favorite music service is Spotify. We’ve written about it at length here on ZAGGblog, and it continues to be one of the best choices for music streaming and discovery. Whether I’m creating a playlist and looking for specific songs, or if I’m too lazy to decide what to listen to myself and just use the Spotify Radio feature, I find very, very few instances where it can’t deliver.

Today, Spotify made a huge announcement regarding mobile devices. Going forward, you won’t be required to pay the $9.99 monthly fee to listen on your smartphone or tablet. Previously, streaming on your desktop was the only free option (supported by ads, of course).

Now, you can create playlists and listen to them on the go. You get more freedom to select specific artists than you do with Pandora, but you still can’t choose specific songs to listen to with one tap the way you can with a paid subscription. In order to appease the copyright holders and record labels, Spotify brings free shuffle streaming. You get to pick the songs, just not the order the play in. To do that, you’ll need to upgrade.

You can download Spotify for Android here and Spotify for iOS here.


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  • Bookfreak99

    When will this come on an update for the Kindle Fire?