Spotify can change your music… Today!

You can listen to new music! You do not have to be limited by your iTunes library.

The hype of Spotify is about to reach epic status. As of today, Spotify has confirmed that it is launching in the US with all four major lables on board.  You can sign up for either paid tier: $4.99 for unlimited streaming, and $9.99 for mobile streaming.  Spotify is ready to play on all the major smartphone platforms.

So, why do you care if Spotify finally has its greencard? What will Spotify do for you? In a short answer: Spotify will attempt to combine all the best features of other available music services into one product. You could get on demand music streaming, social recommendation, playlist sharing, iTunes importing, and more.

On Demand Streaming!

The biggest reason Spotify has become a legend is their promise of on demand access to music. Even the free accounts get access to any song they want. Have you ever created a Pandora station with a specific song, hoping eventually the song you started with would play? With Spotify, you can just search out and play the exact song you want.


Discovery is the main goal of Spotify. Bad taste in music is propagated by the fact that most people can only listen to the music they own. The cost of findng new music can be too high. With Spotify, we can discover better music, and listen to it on demand at no additional cost.

Free Accounts Coming Soon

When the free version of Spotify launches in the next couple of weeks there will be some limitations. It will be ad supported,and you will be able to stream tracks on demand, but a limited number of times per month.

It is day one in the US for Spotify, and nobody knows how well it is going to do. Hype does not pay the bills; Spotify is going to need to woo users away from the services they already use and love. The wooing starts today.

Image Source: Music Ally

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