Spotify Is Now On Your iPad

Until recently, premium subscribers to Spotify that wanted to use the service on their iPad had to make do with running the iPhone app. Now all that has changed, and the new app brings features to the table that many iPad users will appreciate.

Spotify’s developers considered use-case for the iPad while crafting the new app and tried to offer up the best experience specifically for it. The app is fully optimized for the new iPad’s Retina Display so that cover art can be more emphasized. Airplay is also supported so that users can send sound to remote speakers with Bluetooth devices or to an Apple TV.

The new app also addresses the issue of discovering new music with the same improved search functionality that recently rolled out to Spotify desktop users. This features auto-complete for artists, playlists and users and makes getting to what you want much easier. The app also uses a panel paradigm so that users can swipe from one artist to another related artist and back again. This allows users to find artists or albums they might not have otherwise heard about.

Spotify kept its usual social features in this new app, including Facebook login, subscribe and search for users and the ability to share songs, albums and playlists. The app is universal and available to download immediately, but requires a Spotify Premium Subcription.

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