Rovio and MTV Stand Up to Cyber-Bullying

Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds, has teamed up with MTV’s “A Thin Line” campaign in an effort to drive social change. The campaign focuses on fighting digital abuse, bullying and discrimination by discouraging “digital disrespect,” “cruelty,” and “sexting,” among other things.

But how is Rovio involved? Rovio will incentivize active community involvement by rewarding positive social actions with an exclusive Golden Egg Angry Birds Space level.  Once Angry Birds Space launches on March 22nd, players that post “positive action” on MTV’s Draw Your Line Site will be given a hint that leads them to the secret level. A “positive action” can be something as simple as changing your email password to protect your identity, or as complex as hosting an anti-abuse event/rally.

The joint promotions between Rovio and MTV will begin on Angry Birds Space launch date, and run through April. MTV will promote the campaign along side the game by promoting being “an upstander rather than a bystander,” when whitnessing bullying. Rovio will be promoting the campaign through banner and video placements in the Angry Birds mobile games.

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