Starbucks goes mobile

I know I might be alone when I say this but, I LOVE STARBUCKS. Besides the fact that the coffee is amazing, I love the all the other little things that Starbucks incorporates into their business. So hearing this news just made me more excited for my daily coffee.

Introducing the Starbucks Card mobile app., the all in one card service alternative to actually carrying your debit/credit card or gift card. Its as easy as loading the card than touching the “touch to pay” button, scanning your bar-code and VOILA, finito. The app. which is relatively easy to use (honestly, my 7 year old sister could use this) is now available on iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry. Apparently the Android app is still in the making and is yet to have a release date.

Click HERE to get the app!

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So lets go over what this app does, because its bloody brilliant! First off its the easiest/fastest way to pay for your drink. I mean honestly, in the world today and at the rate of technology, no will be carrying a wallet anymore in the future. And that is why Starbucks made this, so it would not only easy accessible but fast. You will not need to buy anything to use this app, making it pretty simple for anyone to download and use it.  Not only can you pay, but you can also view how much is on your card at the time and reload it while your there. And if your a frequenter, like me, you can check your “My Starbucks reward stars”(gold stars for adults!).

Time to role play. You’re standing at the barista line and you need to pay for your drink. You reach for your wallet, and its not there. Hmm, must be in your car. So you grab your phone, browse through your apps and find the Starbucks Card. You open the app, find the card you want to use, and it than generates a bar-code for you to scan on the mobile reader on the counter. And TA-DA, you’re done and paid! Really people, its that simple!

I already downloaded mine, have you? And if you don’t drink coffee don’t throw this out of your brain just yet. I have a feeling that more retailers will be turning to this bar-code phone scanning alternative very soon.

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  • Matthew Monsoor

    I have been using this app for almost two years! They just announced that all stores will be able to use this you just need a registered starbucks card (just incase there is a problem with the scanning as a backup) and the app.

    • green machine

      I wonder how long it will take to get to utah, went to SBUX today and they know nothing about when they will get in…

  • teenage dream

    done and done

  • tews

    the article also used the word “than instead of then”