Start Journaling Your Walk Through Life With The Day One App

Day One

There really isn’t a bad time to start a journal, but perhaps the easiest time to get started is in January.  We all have high hopes for starting and sticking with things throughout the whole year.  Maybe this app will be just what you need to have a completely documented 2014.

It’s called Day One and is currently only available on iOS. For $4.99 you can have the app on your phone, computer, or iPad.

Day One

It’s a beautiful app that will give you reminders to create your entries.  Add photos, pin your location, and add tags.  With iOS 7, the app will also count your steps and include that in your post for the day.  After all, the app is designed to document your “walk through life.”

People aren’t only using the app for personal reasons though.  Their website includes stories of people using it to keep track of meetings, business decisions, and hours worked.

Will you use it to document your children’s lives, your vacations, your business, or your pets?  The only thing we know for sure is that if you start today, you’ll have something great to look at a year from now.

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