Steve Jobs leave of absense

Image Source:, Getty Images

In checking my Twitter feed yesterday, I surprised to see from that once again, Steve Jobs was taking a leave of absence from his duties at Apple due to health reasons. This is the founder’s second health recess from the company within a little over two years when on January 14th, 2009 the tech giant announced a 6 month hiatus from the company in a similar fashion as he did yesterday with a letter to Apple campus.

The letter, sent in the form of an inter-office email memo to Apple employees, is different from last year’s notice in that there was not a definite time mentioned when he would return. The statement simply noted that Jobs hopes “to be back as soon as I can.” Jobs however will still remain CEO of the company despite his respite and will be involved in “major strategic decisions” for the company. Meanwhile, Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Operating Officer, will take over for Apple’s day to day operations while Jobs is away.

Cook assumed this same roll two years ago during Steve’s absence until June 2009 and was rewarded handsomely by Apple for his efforts in the form of $5 million in cash as well as generous stock options.

Many, including myself, are obviously saddened by the news and hope Steve a swift recovery. The tech world just won’t be the same without him around during his interlude. Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 and underwent a liver transplant in 2009 during his medical leave of absence. His genius truly is what has made Apple what it is today. Best of luck Steve.


  • Mike Mazuly