Stocking Stuffers To Keep You Wired And Warm This Winter

So you’re waiting for the bus/walking to your car/hanging out in your igloo and it’s 10 degrees outside.  Any smart person would be wearing gloves, right?  But then your smart phone rings, and AHHHH!  You can’t use the touchscreen with your gloves on!  Do you ignore the call and risk insulting your mother, or risk certain frostbite by taking off your gloves?  Well thankfully, you don’t have to make that choice anymore.  Agloves now offers Touchscreen Gloves that allow you to use your touchscreen device without your digits turning blue:

These gloves are compatible with all touch screen phones, cameras, multimedia devices, game systems, and eReaders.  The secret is the silver flecks in the fabric- it is actually conductive thread. But don’t worry, these are still hand washable in water despite the fancy fibers.

And while you’re chillin’ (ha) in your igloo, you’re probably thinking that now that your hands are all toasty warm, wouldn’t it be nice to listen to some music without having to coordinate the whole hat/headphone thing? There are actually a variety of beanies, hats, and headbands that have built-in headphones, making it easy to not skip a beat.  There are several out there, but here are a few:

The Tooks FlapJac and Fleece Sportband:

The Headphone Beanie Hat from ThinkGeek:

Even your local Old Navy is getting in on the action with hats and hoodies that are wired:

So let Santa know that this year you’d love some gifts to let you enjoy the great winter outdoors without having to lose your techie edge.  Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one of these sweet items under the tree.

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