Storific: Order Food From Your iPhone

Storific is a relatively new company that is founded by Michael Cohen and Andres Mejia. They have created an app that seems new and exciting, but secretly we have been expecting it. You can download their app for free for your iPhone or iPod Touch and then you can start ordering food from restaurants right from your smart-device.

How it works: (1) Go to a Storific place (bars, hotels, clubs, diners, etc.) and check-in there. (2) View the place’s menu on your phone. (3) Order food or drinks without having to wait for a server at a restaurant or without having to call the hotel’s room-service.

This sounds like a great app to have, but unfortunately it’s only available in certain areas and is only in a handful of restaurants. So it may not be smart to download it now, but you can expect business to pick up for Storific and to see their start-up company grow. After all, Techcrunch has reported that they have raised $200K in a seed round invested by Kima Ventures.

On the back-end of Storific they offer a paid-subscription service to these clubs and restaurants through a browser-based interface. The business has the opportunity to then post  “full menus, list their tables and receive notifications from customers ordering by an iPhone.”

So why should companies pay for this service? Well, it’ll cut-costs on their end and allow their staff (waiters and hostesses) to focus more on customer service than on running around trying to get orders. Storific also claims that add-on orders, such as coffee or desert, will become more prevalent because the customers have the freedom to be more impulsive.

Storific plans to hand out 100 free invitations for its service at various places through march 31st. Any business owner can apple for the free subscription invitation on their website. So you can expect their business to grow and for it to come to a restaurant or bar near you. And I, personally, cannot wait to try it out!


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