Straight Out Of Minority Report: Transparent 3D display

A recent post on the ZAGG Blog told you about the Air Mouse Glove, a device that looks to be straight out of Minority Report. If the Air Mouse Glove becomes a reality, this transparent 3D display out of Microsoft Applied Sciences will be a natural companion device.

Coolest Tech reports that the innovative display, developed by Jinha Lee and Cati Boulanger, uses a nifty combination of a transparent Samsung OLED display and multiple motion-sensing, depth-sensitive cameras to track the movement of hands behind the display, allowing the hands to manipulate objects that are displayed on the screen.

When you watch the video (below) you will see that the tech isn’t even close to perfect. Yet it is a taste of where display research is going, and is a step closer to the visualization unicorn of intuitive 3D displays that are functional, useful, and a lot closer to Tom Cruise’s kit in the futurist film.

One of the big intrigues of potential 3D display technology is what exactly we would use it for. So much of our processes in computing and design are based on 2D viewing that it is simply difficult to imagine processes such as using Microsoft Excel or working on a school project in a 3D environment. You have to think that engineers and designers would experience the largest benefits from 3D displays, let alone hand-interactive displays. As always, much of the fun of watching new tech develop will come in the form of the interesting uses that users come up with as the technology is born and matures.

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