This Study Finds iOS Users Are Smarter Than BlackBerry And Android Users

A recent study out of the UK shows some interesting results. In a group of 1,000 smartphone users, those who own an iPhone completed the test faster than those who own phones made by Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Google Nexus, and BlackBerry. iPhone owners completed the test, on average, in 94 seconds, while Android users averaged 102 seconds. BlackBerry users fell far behind, taking 118 seconds to finish.

The exercise, called The Test of Wits, quizzed users on three distinct types of questions: problem solving skills, pattern recognition, and code cracking.

How do you feel about the results? Let us know in the comments. You can read more about the study at the source link below.


[Source: Daily Mail]


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  • LupineMP3j

    It’s hard to say anything really without knowing more about the test….

  • bsomeoneurnot

    Even Windows Phone users are smarter than Blackberry users, according to this test.

    That’s how you know it’s flawed.

  • Topher

    ….Ok, so they COMPLETED it faster…. What were the scores like? Were they given the test on their phones? Not to mention that it just doesn’t make sense. Iphones are done. They give them to you, and that’s that. You can’t customize them very much. (aside from the people that unlock, etc their phones) How does following a preplanned path show that you’re more intelligent? A study like this is SEVERELY flawed. In basically every way. Can you judge someone’s intelligence by the car or television they own? Can you tell how well someone can interact with the opposite sex by the type of socks they buy? No. It’s a plain old stupid test.

  • Guru

    So post the test. I’m curious to see exactly what they did.