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I didn’t know these existed until a little while ago. Before I discovered digital (online) flashcards, I would go out an buy a package of notecards, hand write all of my notes on to them, and then somehow manage to find more time to study them. Now that finals are coming up – this could be a life savor for some.

Here are a few places to find great digital flashcards:

This site is kind of amazing. Not only is their interactive, web-based service free, but you can share your notecards with your friends. They mention that their service is great for students when they’re studying for exams, but it’s also helpful for teachers who can also “create flash cards for [their] students and build customized pages for each of [their] classes to better organize the cards.” Even professionals can use them to study for a certification exam, court case, and other things. After they are made, they can be shared with colleagues.

“Brainscape is a web and mobile study platform that helps you learn things faster. Our mission is to break all knowledge into its fundamental building blocks and deliver it to you in the most efficient pattern for your brain.” Now this might be a website worth checking out. When you log on to their site, you can choose to either make your own flashcards, or find your subject. Under “Find Your Subject” you can choose to do a test prep course, study a language, or study various topics to become a ‘knowledge junkie.’ If you choose to make your own notecards, you will be able to customize your notes, share them with a collaborative study group or friend, and then study right on your computer or on your iPone.

So next time you sit down to study, keep these helpful options in mind.


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