Surprise! Facebook Could Cause Social And Health Problems

A recent study shocked the world with news that too much time on Facebook may lead to social disorders.


No sarcasm there, by the way. None at all. Nobody could have ever guessed that social networks like Facebook could actually lead to anti-social behavior.

OK I lied. That was 97% sarcasm. Since this article is written, and not verbal, I’ll understand if you didn’t get it. If you have trouble getting sarcasm, you may want to look into getting a sarcasm detector. (Side note: Apparently, somebody created an sarcasm-detecting algorithm last year.)

Okay, back on topic:

You can read the original article with actual, useful details at the LA Times. There are some interesting facts about how Facebook affects sleep, social behaviors, grades, and so on.

I’m sorry I got distracted in the first place… I just had to check my Facebook to see how many likes I got for the “Reading Rainbow” video I posted for everybody going back to school. Don’t know what Reading Rainbow is? It’s a great show. But don’t take my word for it…

Wow… off track again. Oh, boy.

But really, is this news for anyone?

At least we can now use this study to blame our attention & social issues on Facebook.

Here’s one effect I’m seeing happen more and more: Guys can’t even man up and get a girl’s number anymore. They just ask her for her last name. Saw it happening this week. It was really funny, actually. I should so post that on Facebook (or Google+).

If you are bored and want to see some of the many, many ways people can fail on facebook, check out failbook.

If you want to prove the study wrong and that you do have a social life, don’t visit failbook.

This is probably the most scattered blog post I ever have written or ever will write, but I think I’ve made my point.

And now, for your entertainment, three facebook comics that illustrate the ills that may befall facebook addicts:

(Click to enlarge)

The daily routine of an internet addict

Mom, can I go online?

Suggested friends

Having a bad day?

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